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Apply For Coaching

Back Into Your Body

One-on-one, intimate support for one year


Where you are right now:

  • feeling like your emotions & life is out of control

  • needing willpower or self-control to accomplish your goals

  • conflict with people you love

  • overthinking on simple decisions

  • self-expression feels like hard work

  • beating yourself up over things you’ve done/should be doing

Where you want to be:

  • feeling feelings of freedom and lightness regularly

  • able to access happiness and peace whenever you want

  • accomplishing goals like losing weight, making money, or improving relationships easily

  • able to speak your truth without second guessing yourself

  • able to move through difficult situations with grace

  • to have a genuine sense of self-love

How we can make this happen together:

I will coach and guide you through the process of self-healing.

What’s included:

  • A welcome gift when we begin (it’s a surprise what’s in it ;) )

  • Weekly 60 minute calls

  • Recordings of calls sent to you to keep for review later

  • Unlimited email/text message support (24 hour response time)

  • Weekly guided meditations sent to you (in alignment with the topic we covered during the call)

  • 3 emergency calls that can be booked within 12 hours (if unused, will just be added at the end of the year)

  • If you live in Palm Desert, CA, monthly, live, community events are included

  • Plus alumni benefits: 25% off on any future offers


Client Testimonials

(I literally have the best clients ever! They make me giddy!)

Client Testimonials

(I literally have the best clients ever! They make me giddy!)

Due to this type of coaching being highly vulnerable, testimonials will not include full names, photos or any other info. However, the majority of these clients are women between the ages of 35-50.

I knew before I began coaching with Riley that I wanted to make changes in my life. I even knew what I wanted to change. Even though I was highly motivated, I could not seem to make the changes in my life that I wanted. I was reacting to everything around me, having daily panic attacks, and was trying to control myself. It was frustrating to try to make changes in my life and end up repeating the same patterns. I felt stuck.

After being in coaching sessions for the last five months, I can absolutely say that this process has helped me in my life more than anything else. Riley helped me to get to the root of my problems and helped me to resolve issues in my life that had been lingering for years. My outlook on my life has changed. I see things in a more positive light. Now I am living my life from a place of abundance instead of fear.

I am now able to access happiness in a way I never have before.
— Christina
Even though I had never met Riley in person before, I felt drawn to her on social media. Once we started working together, I felt accepted, understood and genuinely cared about. She did not make me feel uncomfortable at all and I normally do not connect to strangers as I did with her.

Riley has a strong ability to listen and can interpret your mindset based on your voice and words. She is calming and allows you to feel comfortable to where you’re more open with her than you normally would be with someone. She validates your feelings and helps you recognize things you never have before.

I found that I had a lot of emotions and battles bottled up. It was an emotional process and with the tools that Riley provided, I found that I was happier than I had been in a long time. A huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

Because of Riley, I love myself again.
— Keri
I never thought of myself as someone who would benefit from a life coach, and then I met Riley. From our first session, she had me tearing down old habits to build a new foundation of thinking and understanding. She taught me different ways to connect to my inner child, which in turn has helped me to parent my own children better. I truly believe taking the time to love myself has resulted in more love in my life. Besides the gift of self-examination, Riley has also helped me with simple ways to express my anger in a more controlled environment.

I felt supported and safe throughout the entire process. Even when I would be so taken with emotion and couldn’t speak, she just gently held the space for me and gave me the comfort I was needing at the time. She didn’t pressure me into anything I wasn’t ready for, yet she gently suggested new ways to explore my feelings.

I’m so grateful I worked with her.
— Hilary
Working with Riley gave me access to the true me. Her amazing ability to really listen led me down paths that leave me profoundly changed. She was not only effective, but loving, open & encouraging. I now have tools for meditation, coping, and self inquiry that gives me access to parts of myself I was closed off from.

I deeply cherish our time together.
— Julie
I came to Riley after years of therapy, 12 step programs, treatment and any other way I could discover to “work on myself.” My goal was always to improve me, which I thought was a worthy goal. What I didn’t realize was how self-judgement was the foundation of all that work. I never released judgement towards myself. Through the exercises and discussions I’ve had with Riley, I’ve built on everything I’ve learned, but with a genuine sense of the ability to allow change to flow through me as I make positive decisions and accept feelings that come up.
— Jan
I was doing a lot of work on myself already, but Riley really cracked me open to some truth bombs! I’m not as mean to myself. I’m more relaxed around food. I’m more forgiving and loving with my body. Most of all...I was able to vent and Riley really validated my experience and helped me feel understood. I loved that she was patient with me. There’s nothing that I didn’t like about our experience together.

I’d absolutely recommend coaching with Riley to anyone struggling, because she helped me.
— Amber



Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between emotional health coaching with you and seeing a therapist?

Emotional Health Coaching is a more progressive approach. We draw on your past only for a little bit of context that we may need. For the majority of the time, we dig into what’s happening in your present moment and focus on moving you forward effectively. Emotional Health Coaching requires more of a willingness to move on…feeling like you’re “stuck” in the past and you’re ready to let go, but you don’t know how.

It’s also important to see a therapist if you’ve experienced serious trauma or are having consistent suicidal thoughts. Reach out to me via email at if you need a safe space to share. I’m happy to send you in the right direction.

The best way you can know if you should see a therapist versus meet with a life coach is by listening to your intuition. What feels like the next best step for you? I highly suggest taking a moment to yourself, breathing deeply, and asking yourself this question. You’ll know what to do. I’m happy to talk with you about it via discovery call as well. Sign up for one through the application process.

Tell me more about your qualifications.

Life coaching is not a regulated career and does not require certification. However, I felt it was important to go through the process of getting certified, so I could be as effective as possible. I’ve spent over 800 hours (and invested over $35K) learning and practicing with two different certification programs, and working with coaches of my own, so that I can be the best coach possible for you. I’ve also earned a four year Bachelor’s degree. If you’d like to learn more about where I got certified, click here and here.

What happens during a coaching call?

I ask all of my clients to buffer their calls with me with 15 minutes before and after. This gives you the chance to get in the right headspace, and gives you a moment to integrate afterwards. At the beginning of the call, we always begin with some breathwork or a personalized, guided meditation (based on what you’re needing in the moment). From there, you share what your next goal is on your journey and then I ask you open-ended, empowering questions to help you unearth new realizations about yourself or access deeper layers of whatever is holding you back. Coaching calls require your attention and intentional care, as I will gently push you towards edges you would not access on your own.

Where do coaching calls take place?

I do all of my calls over the phone, where you can be in the comfort of your own home.

If you have a question that was not answered here, please contact me at