Well, first and foremost, I’m a wife and mother to two children.

Myah, my daughter, is four years old and Remy, my son, is one. When I’m not coaching, I’m mothering. Being a parent has been one of the most challenging areas of my life, I’m not going to lie. Especially my daughter…phew! (we just went through the threenager stage)

My husband and I have been married for six years now. And…well…maybe I take back that line up there about parenting being the most challenging area of my life. Marriage has been a gong show! Haha!

No but seriously, if it weren’t for learning about self-healing and going through the process that I put my clients through now, I would have been divorced and resenting my children right now.

I do my very best to be as present as possible with my family these days. I’ve been able to find immense joy in the simple moments. AND I’m still learning!

Other little things about me…

I’m free-spirited (I hate rules!) and an old soul. I hate small talk. I loooooove chocolate ice cream (as pictured). I can connect with pretty much any type of music, but alternative, singer-songwriter, and ambient chill are my absolute favorites (connect with me on Spotify!). I love the show Outlander and I’ve been a devout Grey’s Anatomy fan since I was 14 years old (hahaha!). I love the smell of burning palo santo and fresh air first thing in the morning. I do intuitive dancing on a daily basis (such good stuff. you should try it.). I’m definitely a night owl, but once I finally go to bed…I LOVE sleeping. I’m not very good at makeup/dressing up fancy (mom bun and sweats all day!). Sometimes I can be a super huge space head.

Now, a little bit more about my back story…

When I first started being a life coach, I only worked with women who struggled with emotional eating/binge eating. I still help women with these type of behaviors, but now I lean more towards women who are ready to heal their anxiety and depression naturally.

Why do I help this specific type of woman? Because I used to be her.

I had a pretty average childhood. My parents were loving and did their best. I lost my dad to brain cancer at the age of 15. This was an earthquake that caused me to take hold of religion like my life depended on it. I moved out of my parents home feeling pretty hopeful about my future. I traveled a bit and then I went to college. My first week into college, I met my (now) husband. It was crazy how fast it all happened…

At the age of 19, I was married. Nineteen! It didn’t become apparent until after the wedding that I still had a lot of self discovery to do.

My time in college was one of serious hustling and perfectionism. So much so, that I finished a four year degree in half the time! I was a high achiever, no matter the cost. And the cost was high. I felt severely burnt out for the last little bit, and pushed myself anyways. I fought with my husband…a lot. The day I graduated, I was terrified and felt empty. Now what?

The week I graduated, we also found out that I was expecting my first baby. What!

Between pregnancy and perfectionism burn out…I slipped into a sort of depression for the next nine months. After Myah was born, my depression got worst…but it was mixed in with high levels of anxiety and paranoia. Being responsible for this little human made me crazy! Meanwhile, my marriage felt on edge and I felt completely worthless without having any sort of career path planned out (I did have ideas…but my anxiety/fear kept me back from actually doing anything about them). At the same time, I was hating my body, restricting food, dieting on and off, and using food like a drug (bingeing).

There just came a point where my emotionality became so out of control…I literally thought there was something wrong with me. Getting out of bed in the mornings was SO hard. Doing day to day tasks felt impossible. Keeping my daughter alive and healthy was my whole life and I felt completely worthless.

I remember journaling one night “Where is my fire? Where is my energy?”

Well, I started asking for help…and then, by grace, a few different support systems came into my life…including a life coaching program.

I started learning about the principles I teach now, and everything immediately started shifting. I started getting clear about who I was and what I wanted. And really, the rest is history. I was SO lit up at the life coaching program…something inside me KNEW that I was going to do this for other people some day.

After a while, I built up the courage to sign up for my first certification program with a company called iPEC. The experience was amazing and I had confirmations all the time that this was the work I was meant to do.

A couple months before graduating with iPEC, I signed up for another certification program with a company called Hungry For Happiness, which allowed me to become more embodied in emotional health.

Now, the work I do with my clients is so deeply fulfilling…and I am truly grateful for my life. So much has changed. I have literally transformed into a different human being (ask my husband!) My marriage is thriving, my children are the loves of my life, my relationship with myself is peaceful and loving, my friendships are deep and authentic. It’s not perfect though! Don’t you dare think for a second “oh her life must be perfect.” There is no such thing…it’s just WAY better then it used to be. I can process my emotions in a healthy way and get to the root of them pretty quickly, so they don’t completely sabotage my life. So things are just getting better and better. And pain still comes up, I still get triggered…but I move through it gracefully (not always…but most of the time).

Anyways, I could talk all day about this stuff. If you want to read more and learn more about me, check out my blog! Lots of good stuff on there.

Or download The Simple Guide To Healing Anxiety, so you can start your journey towards emotional health and freedom.